Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to Perform an Oil Change

For many people this is a task left alone, as they just get their oil changed by a local technician. It is actually easier than most people think! Here are the following essentials you will need before attempting to change your own oil: An oil filter, approx 5 liters of oil possibly more if you have a larger vehicle or truck. You will need different size wrenches usually 13 mm up to 17mm, a few rags, an oil collection pan for gathering old oil, a jack and 2 jackstands, or a ramp designed for auto use, and finally some blocks or chocks for the back tires.

The first step is to secure the vehicle and lift up the front part of the vehicle allowing you to access underneath. You want to be able to comfortably go half way down the vehicle when underneath. Once the vehicle is secure and the front is lifted to a desired amount; now place the wheel chocks or blocks behind the vehicle so it doesn't run loose on you. Once you get under you must identify the oil filter, as well as the oil plug...the oil plug is on the bottom of the oil pan. Note* not all oil filters will look the same because of the different companies who produce them, just make sure you are not taking out the transmission filter or drain will know right away because the fluid is reddish.

Unscrew the oil filter counter clockwise, it might be tight so use a rag to assist or if you want you can purchase a tool designed to take off oil filters. Once the oil starts dripping from it slowly place the oil pan underneath to collect the oil...remove fully and let drain. Once satisfied, lubricate the new oil filter with some of the new oil just around the rubber gasket..note* make sure the old gasket is not left behind or else you will not have a secure connection when putting on the new one, and oil will go everywhere when starting your engine. Put on the new filter, and hand tighten, once that is done you must locate the oil plug and loosen it, then take it will get a steady stream of oil so try to place the oil pan underneath ready for action. Let it drain for a few minutes then put the oil plug back on and tighten. Now you can get out from underneath, and start pouring in the new oil from the engine, you might need a funnel for pouring. Add about 3 liters, and then put the cap back on ans start your engine...let run for about 30 seconds, the reason for doing so is for the oil to go through the car's system and oil filter. Now pull out the dipstick and check what level you are at....pour and check until you have reached the appropriate level. That's it!! You're Done


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