Monday, June 22, 2009

Gas Mileage Tips

It's always nice to save a little bit of gas if you don't actually need it right?
Here are a few tips that help reduce gas consumption when traveling.
  • Drive safe and steadily, not aggressively. This is not only for your own personal safety but instead of revving constantly, drive at the indicated speed limits, and this will also be less harsh on your engine and also cut back a little on gas consumption.
  • Take out extra weight out of your vehicle. If you're a golfer like myself, you might have your clubs in the trunk of your vehicle. Whatever extra weight you have back there, if you can take out even 50 lbs this will help cut back on fuel consumption.
  • When possible, close windows at highway speeds because of the increased drag on the vehicle, and use your a/c instead. When driving at slower town speeds open the windows instead of using your a/c, because your a/c does create more engine load on your vehicle.
  • Carpool with others to work or school.
  • Try to drive on smoother surfaces instead of dirt or gravel roads; this is just basic physics as your car will have less resistance to roll.
  • When getting fuel during the summer months, try to go when it is a bit cooler out (early mornings or at night) The reasoning for this is because you pay for fuel in volume instead of density, and fuel is more denser when it is colder.
  • Try to keep the suggested stock tire size on your car. When you upgrade your tires and rims for the look of your vehicle and if they are wider tires, it can help for handling, but the wider tires also increase the amount of friction because of the surface area.

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